Two Decades.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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If you’re seeing this, it means I am 20 years old. This is the birthday that I have kind of been dreading – hoping it would take much longer to arrive than birthdays past. But here it is. 20 to me has always seemed grown up. I thought by 20 I’d have my goals for the future so perfectly scripted, my life-long friends casted, and the perfect boy already in scene. But that’s not quite where my story is.

Nevertheless, while I am sad to let go of teenage stereotypes and song references, I am excited for all the things this new decade is going to bring. Here are some thoughts I have gathered during my time on this Earth – 20 things I’ve learned in 20 years.

  1. When nothing in your life makes sense, help others.
  2. Happiness is hard; finding contentment is key.
  3. The most growth comes from the most uncomfortable times.
  4. Keep a journal by your bed and fill it with thoughts – the pictures often don’t do memories justice.
  5. Learn to love your alone time – at the end of the day it’s only you.
  6. Disconnect every once in a while.
  7. Not fitting in often means you’re doing something right.
  8. Nothing bad ever comes from being kind.
  9. Work your butt off, and don’t put off what can be done today.
  10. It’s the quality of relationships, not the quantity.
  11. Do the things that make you feel the most like you and do them all the time.
  12. Take social media for what it is and nothing more.
  13. Your timeline doesn’t have to match someone else’s.
  14. Spend some time with people who have nothing.
  15. God placed those passions in you – pursue them with everything you’ve got.
  16. Learn to take rejection and run with it.
  17. When someone asks how you are, ask how they are too, whether it’s to your college professor or the guy working at Chick fil a.
  18. You don’t have to want a boyfriend.
  19. Everything seems worse at night.
  20. God can’t steer a car that isn’t moving.

So here’s to you 20 – may you be the best one yet.


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