Monday, June 5th, 2017

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Topshop Dress, Madewell Sandals.

Though I could probably gather hundreds of pictures from our week-long trip in the Dominican, here’s just a small glimpse into the beauty of this sweet country. I will most likely end up crafting another post or two on all the thoughts that began flowing as I experienced a third world country because I’m still trying to grapple with that feat. However, the Dominican Republic is filled with scenes I can’t quite compare to anything I have seen before. The beaches, the countryside, and the people are unlike those that I have seen anywhere else. I’m leaving a little piece of my heart in this country, and I can’t wait to go back someday.

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Two Decades.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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If you’re seeing this, it means I am 20 years old. This is the birthday that I have kind of been dreading – hoping it would take much longer to arrive than birthdays past. But here it is. 20 to me has always seemed grown up. I thought by 20 I’d have my goals for the future so perfectly scripted, my life-long friends casted, and the perfect boy already in scene. But that’s not quite where my story is.

Nevertheless, while I am sad to let go of teenage stereotypes and song references, I am excited for all the things this new decade is going to bring. Here are some thoughts I have gathered during my time on this Earth – 20 things I’ve learned in 20 years.

  1. When nothing in your life makes sense, help others.
  2. Happiness is hard; finding contentment is key.
  3. The most growth comes from the most uncomfortable times.
  4. Keep a journal by your bed and fill it with thoughts – the pictures often don’t do memories justice.
  5. Learn to love your alone time – at the end of the day it’s only you.
  6. Disconnect every once in a while.
  7. Not fitting in often means you’re doing something right.
  8. Nothing bad ever comes from being kind.
  9. Work your butt off, and don’t put off what can be done today.
  10. It’s the quality of relationships, not the quantity.
  11. Do the things that make you feel the most like you and do them all the time.
  12. Take social media for what it is and nothing more.
  13. Your timeline doesn’t have to match someone else’s.
  14. Spend some time with people who have nothing.
  15. God placed those passions in you – pursue them with everything you’ve got.
  16. Learn to take rejection and run with it.
  17. When someone asks how you are, ask how they are too, whether it’s to your college professor or the guy working at Chick fil a.
  18. You don’t have to want a boyfriend.
  19. Everything seems worse at night.
  20. God can’t steer a car that isn’t moving.

So here’s to you 20 – may you be the best one yet.


A Teenager and A Big City.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

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With the number of days until my 20th birthday growing smaller, the number of nights I lie awake consumed by anxiousness continues to grow. I lie awake and think about what being 20 means. As a kid, 20 seemed like forever away. It seemed like the age when I would have it all together – the set career path, the serious boyfriend, the stable friend group. And here I am. My dream job changes everyday. I’ve never had what I would call a boyfriend, let alone a serious one. And I believe with all my heart that I haven’t met most of the people the Lord wants me to walk this life with.

My teen years haven’t been the teen years shown on television screens.  I got the straight A’s, I walked away from the boy, I didn’t go to the college party, I applied for the internships. I have been left to wonder if I really had teen years – if I’m going to look back and regret not acting young like all the country songs told me to do.

But the more my nights became filled with these endless streams of thoughts and an overwhelming amount of sleep deprivation, I realized that, yes, my teen years haven’t been what one would deem as normal. I walked the streets of Chicago as an 18-year-old. I strolled singly through Millennium Park after visiting the Art Institute to conduct research for an art history midterm. I’ve hopped onto the Red Line and made late night runs to the Walgreens on Michigan Avenue more times than I could begin to count. My teen years weren’t filled with parties and concerts and crazy nights and young love. But I wouldn’t change them for the world.

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A few nights ago, I was walking down Michigan Avenue at 8:00 p.m. all by my lonesome after I enjoyed a Saturday evening at a nearly vacant downtown Starbucks. And I kind of had one of those “this is it” moments. And I can’t really explain it. Pure contentment is a good start. Comfort, yet discomfort. Knowing that everyday this place will continue to push me so far outside the small area I find comfortable, yet knowing how far I’ve come. Knowing that if a friend walks away, if a boy chooses someone else, I can walk down Michigan Avenue by myself at night.

This city has taught me what it means to cohabit with millions of people, and how to be alone. I walk comfortablely through a city enveloped by darkness and filled with strangers solo. The cat calls don’t scare me – frustrate me a little, yes. But I’m not scared. I’m independent. I’m free. I love to spend Saturday mornings strolling down streets my shoes haven’t yet touched and memorizing sidewalk cracks I may never see again. I love knowing that there’s always something new for me to experience, even if it’s a few blocks away. I love walking by people and knowing that they can write their own stories about who I am, but they won’t ever know the honest one.

Years from now, I know I can look back on these years I spent in this city as ones that shaped me. I know there is a special strength that comes out of conquering this place on my own. Will I want these years back – probably not. But I’m always going to be grateful that I had them.


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